Season of Transition

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Season of Transition

I found this quote of mine on another quote page and wanted to share it with you today because I feel strongly that this is a season of transition, not just for me but for lots of people.

Someone told me yesterday: “I get excited when I see people who are broken because I know the size of the breakthrough that’s coming” and that really inspired me. I don’t know what you’re going through today, but I just wanted to encourage you that whatever you’re walking through, there IS another side.

There IS an ending to the confusion and hurt and fear and stress.

The sun WILL shine again.

Things WILL make sense again.

Maybe not now, in the midst of the struggle or the shake-up…but someday soon. And all the stuff you are contending with right now will someday be looked back upon as the very circumstances that made you stronger, and better, and more empathetic toward other people who are walking in the shadows.

So keep going. Let your arms fall and stop trying to hold all the pieces together. Maybe it’s okay if it all falls apart. Or maybe it’s not falling apart at all. Maybe the broken pieces are just being built into a stronger foundation. Sending you love and prayers today…wherever you are, and whatever transitions or storms you are currently walking through.


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