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Megan and her mission:

Everyone has a unique story, and Megan wants to help you create your very own “Strength Story.” How would your life transform is you were able to easily:

    • Clear hidden sabotaging thinking patterns
    • Create better strategies for coping with adversity
    • Cultivate healthier habits for your mind, body and soul?

Megan Fenyoe is an Air Force Veteran, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Therapist (LCSW), TEDx Speaker, 2x Best Selling Author, Host of The Blonde Bombshell Podcast and I Am Enough TV and Founder and CEO of the international I AM ENOUGH movement™ which is a 501c(3) Non-Profit Organization. 

Megan is an Amazon Best Selling Author of 2 books: You Are Enough: 5 Steps To Move From Struggle To Strength and You Are Perfectly Imperfect: 3 Steps To Unapologetically Owning Who You Are.  Megan has been featured on SiriusXM Radio including the Jenny McCarthy show, as well multiple TV/ Radio Shows and podcasts.

Megan has gone through many struggles throughout her life most recently being involved in a narcissistic abusive marriage. She was left traumatized and this is when she began questioning if she was enough. For many years she was living a life without meaning and purpose.

Megan’s life began to change when she finally said yes to herself and walked away from the abuse. She has successfully transformed every area of her life using her proven 5 Step System and is now living a vibrant, beautiful life. A life where she truly believes she is enough.

Working as a Mental Health Therapist for the past 15 years, Megan is considered an expert in her field. Her area of expertise is the mind and the way it affects behavior and well-being.

Through coaching, leadership, consulting and speaking engagements, Megan has helped hundreds of people accurately assess their challenges and identify ways they can change – capitalizing on the strengths they already have while building new ones.

Megan focuses on cognitive restructuring and reality testing thoughts as well as a host of other Cognitive-Behavioral Techniques (CBT). She has a sustained commitment to facilitating positive transformation and human-to-human connection with each person she works with.

Megan’s passion and purpose is to help you (1) build confidence, (2) find clarity in getting what you truly want in life (3) get inspired to take action towards building the life of your dreams, and (4) empower you to believe you are enough!

Are you ready to jump in and create the epic life that you so desperately desire?

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*Get some clarity just by taking the time to focus on yourself

Megan's Speaking Highlights

You Are Enough- Step-By-Step Guide

Mind, Body & Soul Empowerment To Live the Life you Truly Desire

Megan’s book You Are Enough: 5 Steps To Move From Struggle To Strength is a Step-By-Step Guide to redesigning your life so you can live the life you have always dreamed of.

Order your copy today!

Specialties, Awards and Nominations

  • Licensed Mental Health Therapist (LCSW) in Michigan since 2008 and California since 2015 specializing in Substance Abuse, PTSD, Chronic Pain and mindset.  
  • Commissioned into the Air Force as a 1st LT in March 2012 
  • Promoted to Captain in December 2012  
  • Amazon Best Selling Author  
  • Founder of the international I Am Enough Movement Non- Profit Organization  
  • Host of I Am Enough TV on Roku and Amazon Fire TV 
  • Member of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) 
  • Connected Women of Influence Women on the Rise Nominee, 2018  
  • Women of Influencer Award Winner, Elevate Women’s Group, 2018   
  • Online Superhero Award Nominee, eZWay Events, 2019  
  • Beverly Jean Charles Award Winner, Women of Achievement Event, 2019 
  • Global Mental Health Awareness and Advocacy Award Winner, Women of Achievement, 2019 
  • Runner up Ms. US Women of Achievement, 2019  
  • Ms. San Diego Women of Achievement, 2019  
  • Amazing Women Award Nominee, NAWBO, 2020 
  • Kate Linder Volunteer of The Year Legend Award Nominee by eZWay Events, 2020 
  • Connected Women of Influence Gamechanger Nominee, 2020 
  • Connected Women of Influence Author of Influence Award Winner, 2020 
  • Queens Cup Award Winner, Carl Wilson, 2020 
  • Certificate of Recognition from the California State Senate, 2021
  • Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition Award from the United States Congress, 2021
  • Lifetime Achievement Award from President Joe Biden, 2021
  • Top Mental Health Therapist of the Year 2021 by IAOTP

Rave Reviews




"I have heard Megan speak on numerous occasions. Her expertise in the area of health and mindset is spot on. Megan is so passionate about helping others and her energy is contagious! Every time I hear her speak I am always inspired and motivated! Thank you Megan for helping me create the life I have always wanted!"


Your biggest fan!

"I'm 62 and in the last year I've lost 70 pounds. I'm determined to beat this addiction and your podcast on the Addicted Mind podcast yesterday was exactly what I needed to hear. You may have just saved my life."

Christine Abrel

National Marketing Director, Juice Plus+

"Megan’s authenticity is contagious. Her journey of transformation and rising strong in life is one that inspires me and all that get to hear her. I am so grateful for her clear message and her commitment to others being able to rise strong in their own journeys."


"Megan! I just wanted to thank you for our time together! I've been meaning to text you and tell you that I decided teaching wasn't for me and I am now in school to become an Esthetician and I LOVE it!! Thank you again!"