10 Power Ways To Practice Self-Reflection In Your Everyday Life

10 Power Ways To Practice Self-Reflection In Your Everyday Life

Self-reflection is the process of looking into yourself to better understand your thought process, behaviors, strengths, and weaknesses. It’s not a negative exercise by any means but an honest exploration of yourself, which makes you aware of some negative issues that need to be addressed.

Self-reflection is an intentional process, meaning that you don’t do it randomly on the bus home from work or as you’re walking down the street. Of course, you could do that in theory but it would probably be more of an aimless jumble of wandering thoughts rather than deep introspection. There can be too many distractions and interruptions.

Making the intention and making time for self-reflection is essential. This prepares you mentally for an exercise in deep, honest thought and gets your brain into focus mode. You should never be rushed or open to distractions or interruption. Think of self-reflection as a form of meditation and you’ll get the idea.

Like meditation, self-reflecting should take place in quiet, relaxed surroundings. There’s no set time limit. The exercises can be as long or as short as you choose. Daily self-reflection may only require a few minutes while weekly or monthly self- reflection may take some time. Some people also find it helpful to keep a journal where they jot down their key thoughts and findings but this isn’t mandatory.

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